Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Five Things I LOVED About BlogHer

I'm slowly processing my reactions to the weekend at BlogHer. I decided that I had to start writing some of this down before it slipped into the muddle of my menopausal mind. So I'll start with some of the high points.

1. I loved meeting people I read, even if only infrequently. I embarrassed myself constantly when meeting someone, to suddenly have their face and their photo click in my mind. So to the introduction: "Hello, I'm Betty Blogger". My mind would say.. Betty Blogger's photo.. look at this face in front of me, CLICK. And ALWAYS come out with: Yes!! You Are!!

Like they didn't know who they were!!I know it was my way of processing, or recognizing.. but I'm sure I sounded like a dingbat.

2. I loved meeting other people who blog and love it. Most of people I know IRL don't have the same passion. Most, let's admit it, either shrug at the word or more honestly say: I've read a few.. and what's the point? I could glaze their eyes over with techie speak: social networking. yada yada. Instead, I just keep this part of my life private. Another case of my feeling the need to segment myself. No segmenting at BlogHer.

3. I loved learning about a couple new applications. One vendor was thrilled when mid-talk I suddenly saw a way of using their product on my blog in a way that they hadn't considered. I'll be playing over the next few days and giving this a try within a week or so.

4. I loved being around strong, verbal intelligent women. I've said before that the reason I cherish my Pickle friends is the chance to experience intelligent women. Way too often in my life, I've felt the need to "dumb down" around women; at BlogHer I needed to smarten up. And when Nancy White told me she considers me a writer? Made the entire day.

5. I loved some of the schwag. We got really cools bags from Six Apart (typepad), and jump drives from Saturn. Got some cute "mommy" stuff that I'll pass along, and several books. But we also got sugar substitutes and condoms (?) which I could have done without. And all conference we were supplied with one brand of bottled water that didn't taste particularly good, and marketed itself as the water that will make you skinny!! (NOT). I get that these were people learning that it's important to market to women. But when will they learn that marketing to smart women means they have to market smartly?? I can only hope that the message gets through someday.

Not on the list, but a great experience: Friday night I sat at a table with a number of edu-bloggers (educational bloggers). In raving about the DOPA someone at the table decided that this law exhibits the current administration's culture of fear. And it was decided that the only way to fight it was with a CULTCHA OF LOVE. We started grabbing each person who passed by, trying to enlist them, we sang John Lennon, we got "that look" from the tables around us.Older savvy women on tear!! It was delicious.

Now BlogHer we know is atleast half about the social networking, so this is a good list to start with, but did you notice a lack of love for the sessions? Not that hated them all. But, I'll write more about the things I didn't love tomorrow.

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later today where I'll catch you up my everyday life (the AC, my TV obsessions and this week I hope to hire a trainer).

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