Thursday, August 31, 2006

In the spirit of BlogDay

The spirit of BlogDay is to find new blogs totally different from our normal spot of blogging.

While I was looking for blogs, I thought about Koan's blog.. No, it's not new... but recently I find many of her posts have a much wider application than simply examining her rather interesting life. So, though she's not listed in my BlogDay post, I am writing about her here and suggesting you go check her out.

Koan Brenner
is as she describes it: 42 years-old, English, female, Buddist, music-loving, motorcyle-riding, insomniac, podcasting videblogging technologist.

Sounds interesting enough at that, right? Her blog is whole lot more.. as she blogs her life, including adjusting to a new body. It's an interesting read. Especially to see the ways that our lives are similar. Just before her recent breast augmentation surgery, Koan wrote:

Something I've been thinking about, a lot, is the consequences of a conclusion I came to, maybe six years ago. Back then, I convinced myself that I would never be passable - by which I mean, I convinced myself that there was always going to be the likelihood that when I met someone, they would (sooner or later, but eventually) work out my past. Six years ago, that conclusion was enough to stop me from beginning to transition. Three years ago, I still believed it - but, knowing that I had to transition or die, it shaped my transition. I realised that it really didn't matter to me if someone worked out my past, or not - I would still be alive, long after I would otherwise have been.

Choosing change (perfect or not) and life over staying the same but dying. How many of us have had to do the same thing!

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