Thursday, August 10, 2006

See how this bush in divided in parts? That's kind of the way my day has gone. Errands upon to-dos upon chores. sigh.

First thing this morning, I heard from Angela at Kel-Aire. Funny thing is, I was just about to call her. Matt was scheduled to show up this morning, but I was the second visit. My furnace is in our attic; and it could be hot today. I thought he should come first thing; Angela and Matt agreed.

So 8:30, he's here's. Finished everything up by 10 am. Even asked me if I had any questions about my systems. That's why I like this company. When was the last time a serviceman asked if you had questions?

Matt leaves. I shower, get dressed, take the dogs for a walk and a trip to PetSmart. Home for a quick lunch, getting a load of laundry done and out of the line. Check out the sprinkler head I broke mowing the lawn yesterday. Broke the piece I found for replacing it. (sigh..). Grocery shopping. Maybe Home Depot will help me with the sprinkler head. (probably not).

Interspersed was thread selection, some browsing through my stash. Tonight I hope to recover the knitting that's gone off.

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