Friday, August 25, 2006

Spouses! Can't live without and can't shoot them.


When Katy was recovering from her surgery, I noticed the damage her pen was doing to the wall behind her and mentioned that "we'll have to paint this room when she recovers." When it comes to painting, "we" means "Steve" (ya got to let them think they are needed for something practical, and I do the electrical and plumbing repairs.)

Also, for the past year Steve has been talking about cleaning all the windows in the house. Inside and out. Have I mentioned that we rooms 2 stories tall with windows going all the way up? Anyway, last month someone he works with put him onto a window cleaning guy who is coming this Saturday to do the job.

Yesterday we removed all the window coverings on the first floor. I'm washing the curtains and rehemming one set, then cleaning the wooden blinds. That my job this weekend.

He will begin painting the family room


Ceiling this weekend, walls next. The way he's going, he'll be done by 10 am. and could get the walls done today, but a plan is a plan.

Monday night he started clearing the room, taking down the mantle I don't want up anymore, the quilt that covers a window I hate.

I got up at 6:30 this morning, and the chair I sit in and watch the morning news? NOT THERE. My laptop that sits next to my chair? NOT THERE. His chair? THERE. That was 6:30.

It's 7 friggin' AM and he's moved everything out of the family room except the one big piece of furniture that won't be moved. The floor and said bookcase are covered with plastic. He's controlling the tv.


Ok this is one example of living with this guy. In September, we're back to Illinois for 3 weeks to pack up his mother's house and get rid of most of her stuff. She's demented (probably from a series of TIAs), and will remain in a nursing home the rest of her life. Now imagine the fun I will have with Mr. Spouser while we're there.

Oh, BTW, we'll be staying at the house. No Cable. A 16" TV from the 1970s. No phone. The only internet at Panera Bread. Please don't leave me when I'm gone!! (I will try to blog during those trips to PB to keep my sanity).

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