Saturday, August 26, 2006

Part of the Plan Shared

After the first coat of paint was applied in the family room (9:30 am) the spouser cleaned up and suggested that we head down to IKEA to look at a couple pieces of furniture for this room. I hope to have this room more-or-less decorated by the end of October. (probably less.. but we'll see.) It would be the end of September, but... ooops those 3 weeks in the Midwest...

This photo shows a fairly empty room. See that ugly bookcase thingy at the left? That is leaving this room. I wish it would leave our house, but getting someone to pick it up? Almost as hard as getting the spouser to part with it. It is the first piece of new furniture he ever purchased (back in 1978).

Anyway the family room will be oriented to face the wall with the fireplace on it (ok in this shot? the rectangle of newspaper). I may cut a piece of foam to cover that stupid porthole window, and hang a picture over it. (the window is no good for anything but shining the morning sun in my eyes, but people find it a "charming touch".). Underneath there we will put this TV Stand that we picked up today. Between the fireplace and the windows, we will put this bookcase or one quite similar to it. That will hold the audio stuff, some books and nicknacks.

I want to find a small couch.. maybe one with a chaise kind of end to it to place in front of the fireplace. Microfiber would be good with the dogs. Steve's chair will go where the ugly bookcase is, and mine near the windows for the good light.

We are still talking about getting a rear-projection or other fancy new TV set in here. The major requirement is a screen that can deal with glare. Because there is a lot of glare along the back of our house. Even with the blinds installed.
See we have these windows to deal with in the family room. There are 2 not quite showing around the corner there on the left.

Plus these in the kitchen. My new computer spot until the painting is done.

And even sometimes glare from these in the dining room!! Though are usually covered with nice light sagey curtains (also from IKEA) hung from the wire system at the top of the shot.

Can you tell? I love IKEA!!

Oh, and for of you thinking: if I had that view out my windows I'd never cover them!! I thought that, too, when we first moved into this house. Until the day in February when it was 75 and sunny outside and my family room went up to 95.

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