Thursday, August 03, 2006

Five Bonuses From BlogHer

BlogHer was frequently described as an "un-conference." That is, the connections made outside the sessions are as important as the lessons learned in them. Given that plan, the bonuses:

1. Nancy White. Nancy is a dynamo I've admired from afar. We've connected and I hope will be talking about really doing something with the Culture of Love concept in the future.

2. I met Buzz Brugerman from ActiveWords who wrote the guys at ZoomAlbum and suggested they send me a couple of their kits for review. I know they are winging their way to me as I write. And when I have time, I'll be checking out ActiveWords, too. Next year, Buzz and I have to chat.

3. My room mates. Thursday night I roomed with Elizabeth Perry, Friday and Saturday it was Pam. Two bloggers I've admired are now friends. What the entire experience should be.

4. Meeting several of the other BlogHer CEs I admire. Leslie, Maria, Kaylee, Britt, Liz , Tricia. Only wish there'd been time to meet more.

5. Sue Richards. If you are a woman "of a certain age" Sue is well worth reading. She is warm and engaging and freaking gorgeous!!

6. OK, I need to add another. Average Jane. We shared a table Friday morning.. and again Sunday morning. A charming, intelligent woman (and heavy metal rocker!!)

Anyone else I missed??

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