Friday, August 04, 2006

Showing Off

This week I mentioned two things I would talk more about. One was FilmLoop and the second was the kit from ZoomAlbum. I'm combining them here.

Below is a photo loop created in FILMLOOP. It shows the parts of the ZoomAlbum kit I recieved, what they are and what the end product is.

The FilmLoop folks believed this would a cool way to share all the photos from a party or event (you can import stuff from Flickr, like everything with a certain tag.) So they believed all the pictures from a party or conference could be shared this way. There is a blogher film loop with about 250 pictures looping through it.

I realized that we could take step by step photos for a demo, upload them into the FilmLoop program and show them as a mini-flash program on our blogs. A running loop how-to.

Ofcourse to actually see the whole loop and read my comments, you need to download the FilmLoop program. Bummer. But it's free, small and fast.

1. Would you do that? (download the program?)
2. Would you do that to see more details in a demo?
3. Would you do it if it meant you could access the demo photo loop whenever on your desktop?
4. Would you do this yourself?

Or are you happy scrolling through a blogpost a few times to pick up what you wish?

I'm really curious here. I see this an an app with great potential!!
So anyway, about these ZoomAlbums. These are kits you can purchase to make your own 12 page 3"x3" photo books. Each kit comes with material to make 3 books; that's the yellow kit. Additionally, you can buy a photo cover kit which would let you print 3 photo covers for these books. The software sizes and organizes everything for printing. The printed sheet tells you how to fold to make the book.

I think these would fun for a really special occasion things (the examples they sent me were a wedding day and a young girl. Possibly her first year or two.) Very cute little projects. I may have to break this open after a 50th birthday party I'm attending this weekend. NOT that I'd use this often, but I don't think this is something to use often.

As I said, there is a party this weekend with many of my Pickle-girlfriends in attendance. Lots of fun will be had!

Kowabunga, Martha!! All last weekend, I whined that I was only 2 readers away from averaging 100 readers/day. Just checked my stats: average numbers: 115!! Hello all my new friends.

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