Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Smudgy Seams

Another photo in my "smudged clouds" set. I promise tomorrow will be something different.

Bet Carol and others were about to send out the blogging huskies again to find me. Sorry. I have been working...

One of my Pickle friends is a rep. for a fabric wholesaler. So frequently she opens a huge suitcase of samples and asks us to please get them out of her house. The fabrics have been discontinued, so she doesn't need them anymore.

A week ago Monday I took 6 identical packets of flannel squares of a Halloween print (cute pumpkin things). The plan is to sew them together in a raw edge way... and have a really fast small quilt top. (84 squares to work with each about 4" square).


I have to pay attention to what I'm doing, or I automatically put the fabrics together the usual way.. which in this case, it wrong. I should have finished piecing this part in just over 2 hours, but I'm not done yet and I worked on it for about 2 hours. I've lost count on how many times I've had to unsew a seam.

When the center is put together, I will have to decide on a border. It's going to be too small without one (9x9 I think). With any luck, I have the center part pieced by noon.

I'm still playing the pieces I painted last week. It's just about set to start some stitching.

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