Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life Maintainence

First, THIS was a sunset this past week. I missed getting the sun actually setting, which occurred in the very center of the "V" of clouds. Just imagine it.

This weekend has been spent in Life Maintainence activities. I have done most of the repair work on our lawn sprinkler system, cleaned carpeting and vacuumed, and gotten much yard work done.

This is all good.

The coming week I have a birthday party to attend one night and a play date scheduled one day. The rest of the time can be dedicated to something creative. I'm trying to work out some details of the plan that is really only instinct at the moment.

I know that whatever I do, it will involve intricate stitching and layering of details. That's about as far as it's gotten so far. I'm sketching graphics.. and thinking about ways to use them. I'm touching fabrics, fingering threads and waiting for the connections to be made in my sub conscious. I am confident NOW that very soon everything will suddenly "click" and concept will vision.

As these things are stewing, the physical action of cleaning and gardening is distracting the left side of brain so the right side can work.

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