Sunday, August 06, 2006

On The Launch Pad

Nah, the photo doesn't have a thing to do with the text. But it's a nice photo. And it's part of my neighborhood.

Ok, I am done with my post-blogher ramblings. Back to the real life.

Friday night I picked up the yellow cotton tank top I've been knitting most of the summer. I put it down at some point, and don't remember where I left off in a pattern. So instead of knitting further Friday, I ripped back to an obvious point and I'm knitting it again. I'm doing the last of the armhole shaping-heading up to the straps. (oh yeah.. THAT'S where I left off.. where I had to add the second skein of yarn. Oh well, too late now).

The sewing room is a bit messy and needs a thorough straightening up. Hopefully today. I have seen so many impressive graphics places in the past couple days, and they are registering as interesting design stuff. I just know that I'm in the "final stewing" stage before my next creative spurt erupts. Some time early this evening with some sketch paper, and some images to play with.

Hhmm... maybe pencil in a morning of fabric dyeing this week to get prepared.

I feel energy and enthusiasm beginning to pulse!!

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