Friday, August 18, 2006

I must have it nearly perfect this time...

I just added a couple new songs to the ever-growing playlist of music for my MP3 player.

Every couple weeks Ipick and chose about 40 songs to download. Yes, I have more than this, but 12 songs or so are usually a walk-length listen.. so this gives about 1/2 a week before I need to repeat. And knowing I like every song and they are all "walk tempo tested" is a benefit.


This week I start listening while I walk.. and don't take the earphones off until I've run through everything! The mix of heavy and less heavy rock is great. I find myself smiling and happy and incredibly energized... then pulled back to calmer but still happy energy level.

I added some Simple Minds, Boston and (as I said) Smashmouth to my normal mix of Santana, Los Lonely Boys, Jethro Tull, Meatloaf and (ofcourse) Dire Straits. Quite Happy Happy, and I shuffled the arrangements so no person performs 2 songs in a row. I'm constantly surprised!

I also just today realized that often when I'm spending time a group, I seem a bit "dull" because the music that's being played is softer or (to my senses) duller than I prefer (think Celine Dion or that blind guy who sings Italian). So the background music saps my energy. I have a feeling many friends would be surprised to see me with my earphones on, head bobbing and dancing around the house singing.

So how many out there are calmed by rock music?

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