Friday, September 01, 2006

Playing With Pyramids...

I've been playing with these pyramid shapes all week. On painted batting, on black felt, on the plain design wall. I like them well enough.. but it's just not enough!

What really intrigues me about this play is the positive/negative play between the shapes. So when I'm not acting a painting assistant this weekend, I think I'll work on this concept with some commercial fabrics and maybe even some piecing!!

I see some hexagonal shapes.. partly open, partly patterned, varying in size... Like a grandmother's flower garden gone wild. (yeah, it seems to me that this HAS been done before..but not by me.)

Speaking about piecing.. this the smallish flannel quilt top (fuzzed up) that I was earlier. It needs a final border, I think.. so I must shop for something to use.

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