Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Reality Show Bite

One Reality show take for the week. Project Runway and Rockstar Supernova together on the same page.

First: Rockstar. This week, I loved, loved, loved the performances from Magni and Josh. Storm rocked it. Dilana...I was not fully inspired on Tuesday.. she redeemed herself a bit on Wednesday. Lucas? Just. Must. Go. Should have gone instead of Storm. Hopefully she gets a solo recording gig... I'd listen to music.

OK, it's obvious that the show producers are trying to manipulate the audience to make Dilana look less like a dead lock for winner of this. Question is: has the band decided that they don't to front a chick rocker? I expect the final three to be Dilana, Josh and Magni. I've always thought the winner would be Dilana.. now it looks like a push between her and Magni. We shall see.

Project Runway

I HATED Jeffrey's dress, although he won. I admired his working with the plaids. It was gutsy and brilliant. I liked the fabrics. I liked the skirt open and free. I wasn't overly fond of the bodice.. square with those odd blibs covering the breasts. What I really hated were the bows and ties and folds around the waist. Didn't this make the model look wider? And a bit sloppy?

Thank goodness that Vince is auf'd. This guy was not going to win.. and this dress? Pure mistake. He uses an upholstery brocade for the skirt.. that doesn't flow and gives no illusion that it would be pleasant to dance in a fancy affair. And the top. There are no words. After weeks of learning what gets Vince off.. it's just good to know he's auf.

The others:

Laura. She is only 3 months pregnant?? With that belly?? With that belly she just found out she's pregnant? Am the only one wondering what the real story here?? And why she felt the need to walk around with her bare belly sticking out in the Paris workroom? Ok.. enough about the person. Her dress was old, predictable and uninspired. Didn't I see this same look on Ivana Trump about a decade ago? And maybe if she's always cold at affairs, she might try designing a dress with a neckline that doesn't go down to the waistline?? I am completely over Laura.

Kayne. I liked his dress. I thought it was going to be too "pageant-ey" but it looked quite nice. I could even imagine an actress like Eve Langoria wearing it. First, however, we'd take those dark ribbons off the front and fix the showing boning.

Kayne and Laura will be the next ones off, I fear.

Michael. I was amazed how much better his dress looked when they folded those two extra blobs of fabric down under from his dress. While choosing a real color and doing all that hand sewing was a major risk, his design was a mis-step. What it is with all these ties and rouching over waists and bellies making the models seem almost thick waisted? Imagine what those dresses would look like on a real body (like mine? Not a pretty picture).

Who's left?

Uli. Ok, if I complain that all of Laura's designs look the same, I must make a similar complaint about Uli. But I like Uli's style better. And this dress would have been my choice as the winner. I can only assume that there wasn't enough risk. Or enough of the hand work to make it couture.

My take for the final three is still Michael, Uli and someone who will not win. Now it's looking more like Jeffry than Laura. Michael will still win the whole thing.

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