Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How NOT to Practice World Diplomacy

It was not quite a normal morning to begin with.

I had gone to sleep just a little hungry (Oprah says it's not hunger, it's normal. And a good thing. [oh, wait.. that's Martha!]. I'm not convinced.)
And I got up an hour early because Kate needed to be fed at 6 am. (blood work 5 hours later to test normal level of meds).

So maybe today wasn't the best day to have a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast.

It tasted good.. and with a hot cuppa coffee was an enjoyable break of my fast.

But about an hour later, I was reading blogs and sending messages to folks.. and generally (in retrospect) trying to instigate a bunch a disagreements. NOT picking fights myself.. but just poking and prodding and trying to get others to do the dirty work so I could sit back and watch.

I mean, I called a man I've never met a troglodyte!! But not to his face... to someone else.

Now I've also moved all the tv stuff into the new cabinet, gotten all the wires reconfigured the right way (I hope). I even moved the big tv downstairs from the den upstairs.

Apparently, then, chocolate cake isn't the way to practice world diplomacy... but the buzz is good for other tasks.

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