Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still Here... Still no pictures

Still here, still no pictures. I do have my camera, but all I've managed to do with it is take photos of the stuff in the house. There is a perfectly wonderful crab apple tree across the street that I must take. And yesterday we saw this wonderful cloud formation as a front finally moved out. I regretted not having my camera with me then.

Today I'll throw it in my purse, and carry it with my when I walk.

We are making progress on packing up the house; and we have pretty much determined that the MIL in not moving from the nursing home she's in. We haven't told her yet, though, because the verbal abuse is bad enough when she thinks there is a hope that she can get her life back. We talk to one more facility tomorrow, and this weekend make the decision. We'll probably tell her the night before we leave. (chickens that we are).

I have one major personal headache in this. The only phone we have is a Tracfone that I activated for our area code back home. Just found out that though they gave me a number 2 weeks ago, that same number is being used by someone else. That is, someone tries to call me.. they get Tom. And to fix it? I need a land line and atleast an hour of time. Guess what's not going to happen until I get back home?

So last night we found Vera's tracfone (we gave her one for her car 2 years ago. It was parked in the laundry room cupboard. No minutes, no power.) and activated it for around here. My anti-phone spouse is in charge of that one. I still don't think it's set up for voicemail, but we'll live.

Life at the moment is pretty drab. Hopefully things pick up a little as we come out from under this pile of crap. The sun is out for the first time since we got here today... so things are on an upswing.

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions if you want to read more whining.. this time about my crappy phone problem.

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