Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"Love is the only rational act." Tuesdays with Morrie...

I'll be honest; the reason I'm writing the days on each post is to try to keep straight for myself where in time I am.

Tuesday. Tonight I hope we can sit and watch the season premiere's of NCIS and The Unit on our crappy little tv in piece and quiet. Just zone out and not think.

The oldsters will most likely be moving into an assisted living hotel by sometime next week. A bit of a reverse from earlier that means there is more stuff that folks are unwilling to part with. I'm the minimalist "bad guy".. but that's a good thing, too. If I pare things too far back, then others can "win" by adding a thing or two more and get to a good average. If I started where they wish me to start, we'd end up at a higher level.

The spouser is just exhausted and unwilling to fight; the relatives (especially those the same age as the MIL) are trying to let her keep every piece of crap she owns or take it for themselves. I think if you haven't used it in 6 months, you don't need it. It should go to an auction so we could get her some cash.

For example: there is a curio cabinet full of mis-matched pieces of glass that are never taken out of it... totally useless. Not very stable. So I state that the cabinet and it's contents must go, the family says "but oh, she loves it so, it must stay exactly as it is". In the end, the cabinet might stay.. the contents will probably be severely pared down. (one piece per shelf instead of 12). This arrangement will be safer and less distracting and let them "win".

I've tried three times to upload a photo to go with this (something pretty), but blogger and my iffy wifi aren't cooperating.

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