Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Musts...

Good Monday Mornin' to you all!
(I just watched Babe again... polite geniality shall abound, along with some la-la-las!) Yellow is the color of the day!! I took this while out walking the other afternoon.

To keep me on track, my to do's for the week ahead:

1. Schedule carpet cleaning for this Friday or next Monday. DONE

2. Get all the boxed items to Goodwill or storage. BOXED AND IN THE GARAGE.

3. Get most of the furniture to auction. IN THE GARAGE AND BEING PICKED UP MONDAY.

4. Stage what is left here to make the house show better. THE HOUSE WILL BE EMPTY EXCEPT FOR A TV, 2 CHAIRS AND A BED THAT WILL GO WHEN WE LEAVE.

La, la, la!!
La!! La!! La!!
Gee, what am I going to have to do next week? I don't know.

As a reward for hard work, we are planning to go to the local zoo next weekend with one of the spouser's cousins. I can't wait, as I try to make a point to visit zoos in every city we stay in, yet I have never made it to this one.

She found my bloglink on my email, and has been reading, so ya'll say howdy to Debbie. (geez, just what we need another Debbie. Just guess her general age...).

Check out my other blog: Deb's Daily Distractions where today I've posted a quiz.

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