Monday, September 25, 2006

Countdown: H-Day Three and M-Day Zero

If it's Tuesday, then we're moving the old folks into their new home today. The plan (you WILL need a scorecard):

8 am: Steve drives to the hotel to pick up a furniture mover;
8:30: M and D and their grand-daughter show up here with a truck and trailer. The guys load 2 final pieces of furniture into the trailer here; they head to the nursing home in the truck. D, her grand-daughter and I take the car there.

We gals load the old folks into the car and head to the new hotel. (oh joy! Four adults, a grand-kid in a carseat in our little car! And two walkers!!). They have interviews with the nursing staff, then they go off to lunch.

Meanwhile, the guys are loading their furniture from the nursing home, coming to the hotel and moving it in.

At 12:30 pm, someone (me and Steve or the folks at the hotel) need to drive the MIL to a doctor's appointment where she will get a 2 hour infusion of stuff for RA, wait for half an hour and then come home. I am really hoping that the hotel can deal with this. If they can, then,
we set up the apartment, turn the key over to them and get the hell outta there.

These two need to get into the swing of things in their new environment. While they might wish we helped them, that's a crutch that will only slow things down.

While we're doing all that fun, the local realtors will be walking through the house and (hopefully) thinking of their clients who will fall in love with this place.

Wednesday might be spent finishing up some details with the move (hanging a shelf or two), maybe not. We're hoping to just chill. Thursday we pack and hang out, try to have a little fun, throw out the garbage in the house. Get some quiet time.

We are both so ready to get our lives back.

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