Friday, September 15, 2006

One week down, two to go.

If the next two weeks move as quickly as this one did, it won't be long until I'm back in my own house and bed. I have a lot of pretty pictures to share from walks around the neighborhood and parks.

The first is this shot of the "mystery" fruit (tree) around that the birds love. I was thinking crabapple, but the fruit is, I think, too small. Can anyone identify this for me?

We have everything out in the open at the house; have done several trips to the GoodWill. Have a special trash pickup scheduled. Accidently threw her lipstick out. Relatives are invited to come over this coming weekend and choose a memento or two if they wish; buy other stuff if they're interested. Then someone knows an EBay dealer who will try to talk to about selling off some of this stuff. Anything to get it out of the house.
We need the house ship-shape and basically empty in just over a week. That's when the "for sale" goes up and the realtor's tour the property.

It looks like it will be weeks until we can sell the car; the title cannot be found and it will the state of Illinois 4-6 weeks to mail us a duplicate. Oh well, that will be a responsibility for someone closer than we are.

We looked at a potential "other" location today. I have my doubts that it will really work; but I'm trying to stay positive. Monday an administrator of this facility will visit the MIL and her SO. They must pass an evaluation in order to be approved. If one or the other fails, that ends it.

When my MIL asks about places that are not appropriate, we've developed the line/lie: "We checked that place out and they don't have any vacancies at the moment." It appeases them without the big fight that "you are not aware enough to live there" would cause.

The weather today was quite nice: high around 80, sunny with a nice breeze. I opened most of the windows in the house and let fresh air in. And we took a walk around one of the larger city parks (4 square blocks). Up hills and down... in the greenhouses and through the gardens. It was a great let-stretch.

Saturday the local folks who have been our "laison" all return from their vacations. So we'll have people to talk with.

On other news: Can you believe that SuperNova chose Lucas?? I'm glad I have no interest in watching or listening to the band, because that choice killed them for me. Project Runway, I read about.. but I won't see it until I get back to California.

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