Monday, September 04, 2006

I took the weekend off...

Like this photo? Her "tail-thingy" was the detail that I showed last week. This sculpture was in the gardens of the hotel where BlogHer was held in July.

Well, I didn't completely take the weekend off, just not much quilty-arty inspired. Friday I went to the Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting expo thingy over in San Rafael... and met our ring-leader, Diane!! She's friendly and nice and really tall!! That last part surprised me for some reason. Alas, no photos. But we chatted a lot about ToonTown. Curse her! That game is fun and friendly.

We've been painting this weekend and putting together the IKEA furniture. A photo will come after everything is cleaned up and put back into the room. The color is just slightly darker than the off-white that's been there; not as dark as I'd wanted, but atleast better than Najavo white everywhere. The IKEA furniture is going together fairly quickly, too.

Now to shop some for a couple pieces of new furniture (tables and small couch. I hate shopping for tables.. everything they make now is so boring.)

I did spend some play time painting up some fat quarters... but they are for a Pickle birthday (we will have 3 in 7 months this year!!). So no photos until November. She wants "frosty fairy" kind of fabrics.. I think they have already collected all the real "frosty fairy" fabrics.. except for maybe one or two.. so I've been "frosting" others. Some hand dyed and some commercial pieces. Grand fun! I may have to write up a "how-to" on this someday.

So did you labor or go labor-free for your holiday?

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