Thursday, September 21, 2006

Through Thursday

Kawabunga, Martha! Have we gotten a lot done.

The house is 99% empty. The remaining stuff is there to make our lives easier until we leave next week. Granted, most of it is simply moved to the garage at this moment in time, but...

The MIL and her SO are signing the lease for the assisted living hotel this morning. Then the spouser writes a check and we get the keys. Most of the stuff headed there (and some that will go and probably come back) will be there by suppertime tonight. Half of the garage empty.

A local auction house will come on Monday and take away whatever remains. Except for that 1% that we're still using (a coffeepot, a broken tv, 2 chairs, 2 plates and 2 coffee cups).

The house goes into the MLS tomorrow. The sign goes up on Tuesday early, and the realtors' tour rolls through here later the same day. Records indicate that the house should sell within 15 days (fingers crossed).

The car is stored until the state of Illinois mails us a replacement title. Then it's sold.

Gee, what I am going to do next week??

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