Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Call for Entries

The International Museum of Women has published their guidelines for their online exhibits.

I was really excited about promoting this; but I just read their discussion and it seems they want to limit their work to young women: those in their 20s and 30s... Oh well. If anyone fits the bill, feel free to check the submission guidelines.

On the personal front..

Katy's bloodwork is back, and her thyroid meds need to be upped a little again. Dogs use incredible amounts of thyroid compared to humans. She gets the highest pill made for humans (300 mcgs.) Most humans take one pill a day. Katy has been taking 4.5.. now she's up to 5. The refill will be here when we get home from Illinois. the photo is Katy swimming last year.

I'm cleaning up my studio (the monthly attempt). I hope when we get home I'll be all set to work some more on the pyramids I started last week. While we're gone, I'm taking a piece that needs lots of hand stitching on it. Can't wait to finish it up.

I really seem to concentrating on getting the house in order before our trip and getting ready to leave. Does anyone else find it necessary to have a clean house when they are leaving it? It's really like the "underwear" thing with me; I'd hate for us to die in a plane crash and my friends to have to clean out our house and see that I'm slob!!

We take off Saturday morning.. and will be back in three weeks. I'm going to try and post stuff while I'm gone with photos even!! And, to keep this all really positive.. I'm thinking what 3 weeks of really low consumption is going to do to my gas/electric bill.


It's working already.

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