Monday, September 25, 2006

Countdown: H-DayFour and M-Day One

Several major things happen this week:

One day from today we move the MIL and her SO into an assisted living apartment. My part will be easy: accompany them from the nursing home they are currently in to the assisted living hotel and wait while they have their interviews with the nursing staff.

While two of us women are doing that, the guys will be loading up their mattresses, tv, chairs and incidentals at the nursing home, and getting them installed in the hotel.

The happy couple will get their plans set with the nurses and head directly to their first meal in their new place. They might even see someone they know. (a couple of the last names sound familiar).

The second major thing that happens (you can all guess this one): we fly home in four days. The weather here hasn't been bad; the people have been for the most part helpful. But I will be so glad to be in my own bed and home. I miss my dogs; I miss my car and understanding the area well enough to drive alone; I miss my own bed. I miss (gasp!) fresh vegetables.
Today we take a final "installation" run to the hotel with things. That cannot take long. We have to leave by 11 am. and return the house. I have folks coming out to:

a) clean the carpets in the entire house;

b)pick up all the items for auction. Auctions are big here. Everything will be sold for probably a pittance, and the check will mailed to us in California, where we put in the MILs account.

Living so far away was probably a good thing: we were not tempted to keep a lot of her things because of the shipping. One box about 24" square took most of it.

Anyway, life is calling... have a good one all.

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