Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Goldenrod (I think) on a wood fence. This the backyard of the house we're staying in.

When we go on vacation, the weather is always fabulous. Went to DisneyWorld one winter back about '85. They had killing frost and cold the week before we left; eighty degree temps while we were there; killing frost the week afterward. It didn't rain when we spent 10 days cruising Hawaii at Christmas, though it was the rainy season.

The weather apparently recognized that this trip isn't vacation. Not that the weather is bad. Last week, we had highs in the upper 60s to low 80s. Still humid enough (for me) that wearing anything more than a tshirt could lead to that sense of stickiness if the air wasn't moving.

Today rain is coming through area and Tuesday the high is supposed to be 58. Wonder if I'll feel the humidity then?

Tomorrow is the start of the new tv season (for the big commercial stations). I have already found the blog for Grey's Anatomy (is should be over on the left sidebar: Grey Matters). I know the podcast for LOST. Ofcourse Tim's Takes for PR. Will be on the watch for blogs for other shows I regularly watch. Maybe when I redesign everything I'll put a catagory up just for these blogs.

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