Thursday, September 28, 2006

I would not let her steal all my gags

We stopped to see the MIL for the last time today. The early part of the day was spent in policing the house, lunch and a nap. I've been sleeping rather poorly, so these afternoon naps keep my mind from completely frying.

Our plans were to go up in the mid-afternoon, visit for an hour and half or so, then say our goodbyes. My MIL is not a happy person; never has been, And she doesn't react warmly in my presence. But I figured this is the last time I will see her alive; I could deal with 2 hours. Even knowing that I've made the last 25 years of her life pure hell by my very existence.

Knock her door. Verbal barrage began before the door opened.

Now since Diane mentioned it last month, I have been spending part of many evening playing ToonTown. The idea of conquering evil (bitter, nasty, grubbing behavior) with laughs and gags is deeply appealling to me. When my MIL began today, she reminded me of nothing more than one of the "cogs". I smiled.

"It's all your fault!" she screamed my way. My smile missed but I was BANG down five laff points. I returned the cart we used to carry stuff up there to the first floor, hoping the spouser would be able to diffuse her in the meantime. No. The attack continued on him while I was gone, but was returned full-bore to me when I reappeared.

Down another 8 laff points.

Assessing the situation, I could stay and become so beatdown that nothing could improve my mood; she could ruin dinner, the evening and deny me a night's sleep. Instead I chose to keep my sense of me. I walked into the other room, and grabbed my jacket.

Whatever she said in that instant was enough for the spouser, too. He was out the door before me. I did call out "goodbye" before I left. I doubt she'll remember that. Neither of us will see her alive again. She has taken all that we will allow (and then some).

I gave up three weeks of my life to come here. Yes, I did it for the spouser, not the MIL, but still. All this work... all this time!! Would it have killed her at some point to say "thank you"? Probably. It's likely she would have melted like the wicked witch.

Early tomorrow morning I start to get my life back. I'll return here one more time for the funeral when it happens. Maybe. Probably. Because I am a good person and the spouser will need the help. And I'll feel better because I did tell her goodbye.

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