Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday Wonders..

The open, treed street on which we are staying. Oh, and notice those nice big trees in the middle of yards? Somehow my MIL drove into one of these. (I don't want to know...)

The sun is shining, which improves my mood immensely! Also, yesterday I scheduled the carpet cleaners and an auction house. Monday at noon both will show up. One will take all the extra furniture and "saleable stuff" out of the home; the other will lessen the traffic patterns in the house. All I can do to make this easy to sell.

Actually, it's a slab ranch in a wonderful neighborhood at a good price. It's functional, but there is room for decorating and some remodeling in the future so a youngish couple could make their own mark. And it will be empty; fast occupancy that waits only for the legal stuff to be completed. Similar houses in the area have sold within 10 days; with the "soft landing" in real estate, we might have to wait up to 21 days.. but I doubt it. If I were shopping for a home in this area, I'd take it. (that said, if you are shopping for a home in the Quad Cities, Illinois side, please come look. Next week.)

I think I have about half of my jobs for the week crossed off. I need to find some newspaper somewhere and wrap all the glassware up carefully. Then talk to the MIL. If she will give it to me, I have no problems carrying it to an EBay dealer and getting the stuff sold. It depends on whether she's having a good day or a bad as to if she will give me the stuff. (fingers crossed).

Watched NCIS and The Unit last night. Good to finally be seeing new tv shows. Checking them out, I don't believe they see their viewers as "young, hip, connected" folks. I've noticed that the shows with a slightly younger appeal all seem to have blogs attached to the show's website. These do not. I wonder if this will change during the year. (yes, Pauly blogs.. but not with an RSS feed. And I don't even remember if it allows comments).

Not much to watch tonight, as I don't have cable. Is this the last episode before the reunion show? One more designer out?

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