Saturday, September 09, 2006

Please don't leave me!!

A gorgeous sunset in the fog from Wednesday night this week.

I am not going to be daily blogging for the next 3 weeks. Occasionally I will be able to get online, how much or how long I don't know. Hopefully enough to check my emails and upload a blogpost or two.

My excellent friend Janice (who is not a morning person) volunteered to drive us to airport this morning. Biker Deb will pick the excellent tomatoes in my garden (want to bet most of them ripen while I'm gone?). Since we get back on a weekday morning, we'll wander home by way of the regional shuttles. My most excellent neighbors will keep the house safe. (Have I sucked up to these folks enough? I think not.)

The Quad cities are not anywhere near the cutting edge of technology. High speed connections are basically limited to businesses and the wifi spots aren't very many. but I see that the main library has free wifi. I hope a couple mornings a week to check email and "catch up" a bit somewhere. Maybe I'll surprise myself and rediscover my native wit.

We will return the end of September, at which time I promise to return to regular blogging again.

Deb's Daily Distractions has absolutely nothing new on it for the month. Say "La Vee"...

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