Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot Times on the Old Home Front...

A cool view of Carquinez bridge and water...

It's 9:30 on Saturday night and 87 degrees in my house. Maybe 83 outside (it's too dark to read the thermometer). It's gonna be a long night...

Late this afternoon, I noticed that it was getting HOT even though the AC was cranking. The outside temps were 111F, and inside it was 94. Went upstairs and the furnace/blower unit (in the attic) was making an odd sound. So I turned off the AC. Fifteen minutes later, the power went out (a rolling blackout? ).

About 9 pm. I figured whatever had been happened with the AC had time to recover, so I turned it back on. Unit outside fired up just fine. Fan in the house? Not a peep. Oh, and it smelled like burned rubber.

I'm guessing the fan belt is shot.

It will be atleast Monday until someone can fix it.

The high tomorrow? Supposed to be about 90-95. I pick the spouser up at the airport about 1 pm. so I get a bit of relief, but the dogs? They are definately going to be hot pups.

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