Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's hot..

It's Thursday and it's hot. I've been trying all week to get some stuff organized for our guild "garage sale" tonight, but much of it isn't going to happen. I still have drawers to go through, fabric to cut/organize as fat quarters, half yard pieces, etc. And everything to price. Plus some spare cash to grab.

Nope. Not going to happen. Ennui has set it and I'm not shaking it off. Not piecing, not quilting, not stitching, not knitting. I'm not.

I'll relist the books I have on Amazon and see which ones sell this time. The fabric? My other guild has a "little shop" before and after each meeting. I can give them the fabric and see what sells there. (you bring it, they sell it and keep the cash, if it doesn't sell, you take it home). Not any money for me.. but I think getting the uninspirational stuff out of my presence is worthwhile.
So what have I done today? Did a couple hours of housework (boring), discharged a couple shirts and prepped some more for dyeing and over dyeing.

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