Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Project Runway.. Episode One

Yeah, I'm taking a break from blogging, but not from watching TV this week. So a wrap up of Project Runway is still OK. I'm not going to get all the names down for a couple episodes, but I'll give it a try. This is live blogged, but I'm promising this will continue all season.

They did a nice job of introducing the designers at the beginning. I already don't like Malan(?) so he'll be around for a long while. And Keith? looks like Jude Law... Stacy is a totally waste of thread.

First challenge: Design from the apartment. Interesting challenge. Seeing the participants decend like vultures on thier living spaces was amusing, but I would rather see something like the 5 yards of muslin challenge again. Sometime, you just don't have to work that hard.

Time: they gave them an additional hour of worktime (till 1 am instead of midnight). I wonder if this will be for the season or only for this episode?

Jeez, another weekly product placement: beyond the hair and makeup stuff, we now have "the accessory wall"!! And, there will be a lot more sponsors covering challenges this time.

The designs:

1. Laura, elegant. Looks just like her. (Can she design for someone with a different aesthetic?)
2. Bradley, interesting and innovative
3. Keith, played it too safe, IMO
4. Angela the flowers?? how strange.
5. Kayne: gorgeous and innovative. but the thing on the back??
6. Malan: stylish
7. Bonnie: weird picnic outfit, but not bad enough to be in the bottom 3.
8. Katherine: cool
9. Michael: very nice
10. Vincent: strange but not bad
11. Alison: styling but too short
12. Stacey: poorly fitting. And she can't sew!!
13. Robert: nice.. not too much. I loved the red on the back.
14. Uli : not bad, but what's with the yellow plastic beads?
15. Jeffrey: lots of nice layers but less is often more. He should have done either the dress or the coat but not both.

Stacy so deserved to be the first designer to hear "auf weidersehen".

So what do you think will be the "rule breaking" incident that makes Tim ask someone leave?

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