Monday, July 24, 2006

A moment to "shout out" to my peeps!!

Ok, do I sound vain to admit that I subscribe to my own blog on my bloglines feed?  And that today I actually checked out who else subscribes to it?  (yes it does.  You can tell me... I'm a sweltering blob of goo, but I can take it!)

I do not recognize the feed names.. but I'd like to give a shout out to the following. Please say "hey" back so I can a nick to a name:

  • 4pj. Wait a minute.  I think I should know this. I don't.   But I can't put the blogtitle with the name.
  • artstitches.  Made it easy.  Blog/nick the same.
  • batixa.   A play on the word Batik??
  • BrianShields.  Never met, Brian... but Hey!! Maybe next weekend at BlogHer.
  • casuzen  A Susan in California??
  • computerpeach.  I'm guessing a Georgian?? My newest subscriber.  Well, welcome peach!! Here, have a glass of Sun tea!!
  • HeidiWofraat.  She reads a lot of the artquilt ring, but I'm not familiar with her.  That's OK.. Guten tag, Heidi.
  • kt2734.  My oldest subscriber!!  She's been subscribed longer than I have.
  • lynnedjohnson.  Well, that nick is easy to decipher!
  • malittlej 
  • orangina
  • Renmeleon

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