Sunday, June 22, 2008

The cooler air has returned, at least temporarily, to the bay area. With it's return, I actually switched into cotton knit pants this afternoon to walk the dogs. That's when I noticed something interesting.

All of my "non-gym" shorts (plus a "skort") are a khaki or tan color. All of them. There are no black, no gray, no olive drab. Just khaki.

I don't a thing in khaki except the shorts/skorts. I can't imagine wearing khaki pants or a long khaki skirt (all my pants/skirts are black, gray, olive).

I think the khaki/tan short color compliments my summer leg color (thank you Dove Energy Glow moisturizer with subtle self-tanning). But it's too close to my skin/hair coloring to wear in larger doses. It make me visually appear a tannish blob.

Now the question is, since I know I won't be adding to other wardrobe items, should I try to bring my black/gray/olive bottoms colors into the shorts, too?

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