Friday, June 20, 2008

So much for NaBloPoMo this month!

It's hot here in the bay area. Not HOT like it is in other parts of the country in the summertime, granted. But hot for here. And just plain sunny all day. Yesterday the high at my house was about 91F; today it's supposed to get closer to 95F. Thank goodness the daytime humidity is down about 30-40% or I'd be dying.

As it is, I try to sit in a dark shady corner of my house (my house with 20 some windows facing an unshaded southern exposure) and not sweat. The dogs move from spots on the tile to spots on the marble whenever the floor beneath them warms to thier body temp.

What's there to blog about. I'm here alone with the dogs, or out at a store using their A/C. My life is dull repetition and isolation. My thoughts are slowed. My life is boring and dull and I'm completely unable to find one interesting moment to tell you about.

The dogs just both sighed in unison like they know how boring my life is too.

Waiting for the fog; waiting for the cool.

Considering how the f*&k I'm going to improve my life so my I have more social contacts. When you have so few, how do you build more? (without the more traditional fall backs of kid's schools, sports activites, or a church?) I've tried to volunteer at several places; they love me, they have work for me. I call them; they promise to get back to me. It never goes anywhere.

Melt into a puddle...

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