Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Question: On Making Clothes

I'm looking at making a couple summer skirts from this Simplicity pattern. It's rated easy, it has pockets, it has a drawstring waist (that I'd probably make with elastic.)

Now the key fitting item here is the hips. My hips at their widest are 35.5" so I know I choose the size with the 36" hip measure, though the waist is 3" too small. However, in reading the measurements they say that the finished skirt would be 42" wide.

Do I really want 6.5" of ease in a skirt? Really? That seems like a lot to me. Sandra Betzina in Fast Fit suggests an ease in a straight skirt of about 2" and in an A-line of 3-4".

So riddle me the solution.

Go with the size (33.5" hip?) that finishes at 39.5" for a 4" ease (which lists a 24" waist where mine is more like 30" so I'd probably be using a different waist measure) or go with measurements/suggestions on the packet?

(Yes, that is one of the ugliest run-on sentences I've ever written!)

I can hear ya already: Make a Test Pattern. But I thought this was supposed to be easy!

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