Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fifty Things I Like About Myself

This is an exercise someone suggested. I may be doomed, as I'm approaching it already with a negative attitude. Let's see if I will able to find 50 Things I Like About Myself.

1. I have an infectious smile.
2. I "infect" people with it frequently.
3. I remember details if I can place them in a narrative style.
4. I am intuitive.
5. and empathetic.
6. and occasionally psychic.
7. At times I'm silly.
8. I (sometimes) know what I like.
9. I find simple joy in baseball.
10. I understand the infield fly rule.
11. I surprise myself.
12. Like.. I like people to hug me. I swear this was never true.
13. I'm generally happy.
14. I hate it when I quit on anything. .. oh wait. I like that I'm tenacious.
15. I sing to myself when I'm doing things.
16. My hair is soft.
17. I believe. Just that. Believe.
18. I can plan a simple, healthy, tasty meal off the top of my head.
19. My lips.
20. My listening skills. (which is good because my friends talk a lot!)
21. I know the words to lots of songs!
22. I'm quirky.
23. and proud of it!
24. I notice things. Including little things.
25. I appreciate beauty in nature.
26. I appreciate beauty in people's spirit.
27. I look for the good in the people.
28. I'm positive without being "pollyann-ish"
29. I have these cute little toes.
30. I can read upside and backwards. I like that.
31. I can hold an interesting conversation with myself.
32. I like to figure out challenges on my own.
33. I can do simple electrical and plumbing repairs.
34. I have my own tools.
35. I'm strong for my size and age.
37. I've developed a fairly good color memory.
38. I can tell a good true story, but I can't tell a joke.
39. Dogs can sense that I'll scratch their butts. It must be tattooed on my ankles.
40. I like guy friends and well as girl friends, but don't threaten guy's girlfriends.
41. I like my tits.
42. I can doodle but I can't sketch
43. I can embroider, knit, crochet, hand-sew, quilt.
44. I'm good at reading maps.
45. I can program VCRs without reading a manual. It's a lost art, I know, but still...
46. I can spell. Ya know.. when someone asks "how do you spell ___?" I can answer.
47. My eyes are expressive.
48. I tan instead of burn.
49. My imagination.
50. My arms. They are awesome.

Whw. This was not easy! What are 50 things you like about yourself??

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