Friday, June 13, 2008

Spread It Like Buttery Love

Yesterday's 50 Things I Like About Me post took me a long time to write. I'll admit it. I thought it was hard. Yet, Arianna ( saw me twitter the post, read it, and quickly ripped out her 50 things. Among my favorites:
9. I love the 80’s. Music. Colors. Jazz hands. But not shoulder pads.

23. I have weird hair.

24. I think it’s fun to have weird hair.

Heather jumped in through her comments and came up with her own list
33.Cooking is not my forte
34. Talking is
35. I’m not Martha Stewart…
36. Or Betty Crocker
37. I’m okay with that
And Monica at Healthy Green Moms zipped out her list like it was triple-coupon day at the grocery store! What I think was her most impressive item:
I can sit in another’s pain.
These brilliant women jumped on a bandwagon I didn't know I'd built and are driving away with it. They are encouraging their readers to quickly (or not so quickly) come up with a list of their own. I hope you all do. I hope this step toward positive thinking spreads across the blogosphere like wildfire (no. too destructive) like a cold (no, too inconvenient) LOVE. Spread it like buttery love.

If you choose to spread the buttery love yourself, please leave a comment for me with a link to your post so I can read your list too.

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