Thursday, June 26, 2008

Link Love

In the normal course of my reading through my RSS feed every week, I find way more great exciting posts and articles than I use for my posts on BlogHer. While sometimes it's because these are off-topic, usually it's just that I can't find a way to rope them all together that makes sense in my head.

So I'm going to start just laying them out here in a crazy link-fest. It seems to be I should be able to make this easier using Google Reader, or or something. When I figure it out, I'll let you know. If you've figured it out, please fill me in.

First, for the crafty shoe-obsessed among us, check out Spyderella's photo demo on a summer sandal re-fabrication.

Second, Calamity Kim demos how to use a photograph as the basis for an embroidery design. Easey-peasey!

Third, Painted Fish Studio threw a Friday night pARTy and had her friends all decorate IKEA Gronos lamps.

Fourth, I thought it was expensive to fill up my VW Passat. Pammy Beancounter convinced me otherwise.

And Knitting points out that UCSF's Memory and Aging Center has set up a channel on YouTube.

Imagining that someday you might get a flat belly? That's Fit points out that the best foods to eat to get there are all healthy fat foods.

Ok. Not bad for a start. The smoke from all the wildfires are keeping me inside and at the computer. So I'm sure I'll be finding more things that fascinate me.

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