Friday, March 04, 2005

Fabric Care Labels

With our emphasis on fabrics and fiber, I wonder how many of us see the symbols on clothing (and some bolts of fabric) and wonder exactly what they mean. It is all explained at A Guide To Fabric Care a PDF file that tell lots of interesting facts, like:

a box with an arc along the top.. and several diagonal lines in the upper lefthand corner means line dry in the shade!

On another note...I just saw an interview with Martha's magazine editor. Martha learned how to use a microwave while in prison (she'd never found them appealing before), and now they are planning on including microwave recipes.. and microwave optional directions in her publications.

Can you believe someone being so behind the greatest invention to hit the kitchen in since the refrigerator?? (she probably thinks it's the microplane... a good thing but not close to the micro).

This does remind me of quilting publications... though they weren't quite as slow. The rotary cutter/matt came out in the early 1980s (about the same time as the microwave)... and it took until the early 1990s for most quilting publications (magazines and books) to decide to print instructions using a rotary cutter. Most patterns for the longest time still had people using templates.

It was frustrating... we had this great new tool and nobody who told us how to effectively use it! Thank goodness for Mary Ellen Hopkins and Eleanor Burns for saving us.

And now Martha is coming into the 21st century!!

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Mary Beth said...

early in the morning you're on your own for inspiration unless I've been up late working and stopped to take photos, LOL.

Re Martha: good, my tax dollars did something anyway. Perhaps her microwavable recipes will be more accurate than the majority of the rest? One can hope.