Saturday, March 12, 2005

Someday I've got to grow up.

Although i'm a 50 something woman, I find myself acting like a child again. Not in that jump-in-the-mudpuddle, twirl-around-in-my-pretty-full-skirt kind of way... I DON'T DO THAT ENOUGH.

No, this is more in that: It's Saturday morning, I've got to do chores way. Do others of you find yourselves succumbing to those dialogs of old? Why is it I can't have the free spirited nature of the young girl, only her responsibilities?

So at the moment I'm watching someting on PBS. It's a blue set with white and stainless kitchen appliances, and a woman in a red dress. She is DANCING. I'm not sure if she is protesting the chores of the kitchen, or celebrating her life inspite of the kitchen sink (maybe I should pay attention more closely??)... but it seems to be another message to me:

Find the laugh in the little things.


Karoda said...

I am certain that if I spent more time dancing instead of doing chores, I would burn more calories :)

Anonymous said...

If I set that free spirited nature of a young girl I would probably sleep later on Saturday mornings without worrying that my house was dusty, my carpet needed vaccum and the laundry was waiting for me.....oooo that would be very restful...

teri springer said...

DON'T YOU DARE grow up!!