Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I had major inspiration yesterday. (why is it when I'm busy machine quilting a piece.. so I'm working but don't really feel like I'm CREATING, that I get all this great idea. These will lead to tops being sewn, and then.... sigh... more machine quilting.)...

Anyway, I've wanted to do something that reflects the colors and textures of the eucalyptus bark I see on many walks. And yesterday I came up with a way. I can paint the fabric... and piece it up from there. Some high count white cotton, some acrylic paint, some water and a day and things should be moving forward. I'm referring to Sue Beever's book Off The Shelf Fabric Painting for inspiration.

Good thing I figured this out, too. Katy, my 7 year old Lab, needs 2 teeth pulled tomorrow, and today she needed to get some new medication for her allegies. She's a sweety so I guess we'll keep her, but she's killed more than all the discretionary part of this month's budget. So a quilt I sew completely and spend less than $50 total is a good thing.

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