Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This is 3photo day, so I begin with a morning shot. Showered and dressed, I'm ready for a morning of errands. A trip to the doctor; yep that swelling in my toes in arthritis. Grocery shopping then home for lunch.

Two people in the house... 2 fruits a day times 7 days means 14 pieces of fruit for the week. Doesn't sound like much.. but looks like a whole lot. What do large families do??

After lunch, I walked the dogs, threw a nice piece of meat into the oven for dinner and hit the "studio". I rearrange this room regularly trying to make it more workable. Nothing works well, but I've figured out that I need to limit the horizontal surfaces. they just get filled with stuff. Posted by Hello


Cathy said...

oh No i forgot to take the pics. it was a busy day yesterday- appointments. Maybe can i try today?

Cathy said...
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JulieZS said...

Hi Debra, I took my 3 pictures, but couldn't post them yesterday, so now they're up today. One day late, oh well!