Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Well, phooey! (how mature of me!).

Seems that it might be an offense of netiquette to simple target someone's photos in my blog. Had I thought about it longer, that would have occurred to me.

Guess I'll have to rethink this idea.

I was just "building" inspiration pages to save to post later... have a day filled with photos of one color. If I download the photos, then post them, I could violating copyrights, if I link I could honk somebody off.

Well, I'll rethink this. Thanks Carol and Deborah for the help.

Spending time browsing blogs the other night (this WILL lead to an interesting post someday...), other blog rings seem to do a better "job" of pulling others into their ring and tempting them to stay a while. I know we are a young group, but maybe we should think about how they do this... and how to do this too.

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PaMdora said...

What are some other interesting blog rings? Can you tell us about them?