Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I'm about 1/2 way through stitching the background of Vessels. Changing colors every row is sure a pain.. but I'm afraid that if I just mark the whole thing up and try to do all one color at a time, I'll screw up. I should have a picture ready in a couple days.

My cold is almost over. Since I can't take regular cold meds, I took, instead 2500 mg. of Vitamin C and an echinacea tablet at each meal.. plus before I went to bed.. .and Zycam every 4 hours. Five days out and I'm almost symptom free. The last remaining problem is a swollen gland in my throat that makes it hard to swallow. I never had a fever, so I don't think this is strep. But it gets better by tomorrow or I see the doc for a throat culture.

While I was not in a great working state, I found someone's blog (I am trying to find it again) where they declared one day a 3 photos in a day day. There's was last Friday. In the spirit of fun and downright curiousity .. I officially declare MARCH 8TH AS THREE PICTURES IN A DAY day. Take one picture in the morning, one at midday and one in the evening. I will post mine in my blog last Tuesday or early Wednesday.

I invite you to do the same. Just take what you see at these times.

This is similar to projects I've done in past. I've chosen a spot and photographed it regularly... every hour for a day; every day for a week; every week for a year. Depending on the timeframe you assign, you have to really pick the right place. For the day.. the light has to change; for the week.. something has to happen. For the year one.. as I was living in Cleveland... it had to be accessible during heat, rain and snow. It gave me a lot to consider in examine objects in light and time.

well, back to the machine.


Karoda said...

I'll try to remember to do this on 3/8...but I've thought about doing a picture a day or taking a picture at the same time every day of the same view, but I have fallen short of the ambition.

I love Southeastmain's blog simply because of the photos she puts up almost daily that reflect her region.

teri springer said...

Ditto....I took a few pics yesterday. I will note on the studio calendar that I need to take three pics on Friday.


JulieZS said...

Try taking some zinc tablets, those always work for me when I start feeling like I'm getting a cold. Not everyone can taket the taste of them, but it is worth a try to avoid getting sick. Hope you are feeling better!
Cool idea on the three photos in a day, I'll try to do it too.
I've been photographing a tree every month this year. I plan to do a series of quilts showing the changes over the course of this year.