Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What a good dish...

I was busy all day, so I needed a relatively simple fast supper. Sounds like thai curry to me!!

First I put a cup of brown rice and 2 cups in water in the microwave. This is the time-limiting factor in dinner. Five minutes on high, then 35 minutes at 50% power and the rice is done.

While the rice is nuking, I slice half-frozen chicken boobs into pieces 1/4" thick, 1/2" wide and about 3" long. While I'm slicing, a cup of low-fat coconut milk is coming to a boil in a frying pan.

When the milk has warmed through, and the oil rises to the surface, i put in a small amount of Thai Kitchen's Green Curry paste. We are wooses when it comes to heat, so I only use 1.5 tsp. You can use up to 2 TBSs but I couldnt' eat it.

The curry paste is dissolved in the milk, and the second cup is added to pan. When it comes up a boil, I reduce the heat and add the chicken. Cook gently for 3-5 minutes. Then add keffir lime leaves (or fresh grated lime rind and lime juice), 3 TBS. of fish sauce and 1 tbs of sugar.

When it's all blended together, I add a package of S&W's Ultimate Stir Fry Frozen Veggies, and 15 leaves of sweet basil. Simmer until the rice is done and serve with jasmine tea.

Healthy, fast and delish.


Now I wish I'd picked up a carton of coconut sorbet when i was at the store.


smarcoux said...

Sounds like a fab recipe .. will have to try that .. as I am changing my eatting habits and looking for low fat recipes .. thanks for that and great work.

Dangling by a thread

Elle said...

This recipe sounds yummy! Thanks!