Saturday, March 26, 2005

Melody has done all of us a BRILLIANT favor! She has become a new good friend with the BRILLIANT Sonji Hunt. And she has "dragged" Sonji into our lives, too.

Imagine a BRILLIANTly funny woman... who makes BRILLIANT art quilts. Imagine that she BRILLIANTly likes Baseball!! And sci-fi stuff!! And her dog!! ( I read her profile).

And more incredibly, IT'S NOT ME!! BRILLIANT!

Someone else who would understand my making these motions suspiciously like a Nazi soldier (but NOT)... and muttering too high! References to Major League: BRILLIANT!

While most of the US has been having thier spring holidays last week or this (passover and easter)... mine comes NEXT Sunday evening when the first official pitch of the 2005 MLB season is thrown. (even if it is the YUCKY Yankees.)

A traditional dinner of pizza and Guinness will be in order.

Guinness. BRILLIANT.



Deborah said...

Indeed! Yippee for Sonji. But... what makes you think she's in her 50's? I can only imagine what her response to this might be.

Sonji Hunt said...

Debra, I'm so happy that you think I'm BRILLIANT. We will overuse the word BRILLIANT this week. I got two people to use the term "super fantastic" yesterday. I'll see if I can get them to keep it up.

Deborah...did I miss something? Why am I in my 50's? I don't really care because I look so BRILLIANT and SUPER FANTASTIC, but I didn't see any reference to being in my 50's. I read and reread. My comprehension skills must be WAY down...which is quite possible due to my increased years.