Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So Manolo wouldn't be pleased, but this morning I woke up and couldn't comfortable wear any of my shoes. I have this bonespur on one toe, so it's swollen, and it rubs on everything I own.

Although "they" say to wait until late in the day to buy shoes, I headed out early, figuring that to wait meant less of a chance I could get a shoe on to walk through the mall.

I headed immediately to The Walking Company and challenged the salesman to help me.

"I need a stable shoe.. and one that is COOL. And it can't rub/hurt this spot on my toe."

He measured my feet (my feet have grown almost a size and half!! and I'm a normal width now!!) then came back with 6 boxes.

I chose a pair of Merrill clogs with a nice webbed top lined in a soft nylon that cushions the bonespur. A few other shoes were discarded. Just for fun I asked him to show me the sandal I've been lusting after: A pair of Keen Newport H2 sandals in red. I've been lusting after those shoes for a couple months. But looking at them, I wasn't too hopeful.

They feel like a dream. They support my feet like custom shoes.. and with the bungee cord fitting, I can pull them as tight or loose as needed over sore spots. The nylon is soft... and with a thin inner lining, there isn't any problem with the fit.

They are perfect. I danced around the salesroom. (Twenty minutes earlier I could barely walk. These shoes are heaven). Ok, they are not the most attractive sandals in the world... but I think I'm in love.

My new red Keen sandals.

Note the cute doggie socks underneath...

Home to spend an hour playing with some stuff from Kimberley's . Then a trip to the deli's to pick up Corned Beef and swiss on rye sandwiches, and picking up some sauerkraut. At home, they turned into yummy Reuben sandwiches in honor of St. Patty's day...

Then spent the evening arranging and re-arranging the vessels...


Cathy said...

I love the shoes. It's great that they feel so good for you. It seems like when you reach a certain age, how shoes fit is so much more important than how they look. But you got it all in this pair!

Gerrie said...

My husband has a very painful bone spur. He had an orthotic made which allows him to wear almost any shoe with comfort now. It was that or surgery. I guess they wouldn't work with sandals so it is great that you found your red Keen sandals. Do they come in lime green?