Saturday, March 19, 2005

I'm going to be experimenting with a new offering from my library. They have contracted to offer audio books online. The service is coordinated by OVERDRIVE.

Now the neat part.

I can "check out" an audio book online, download to my computer and then burn it a CD to take into my car. Twenty one days after I check it out, it stops. DON'T ASK ME HOW. I don't understand how this works. But that's the appeal for libraries and such. They can have books checked out and returned without late charges and without paperwork.

The library patron (in this case, me), can get up to 5 audio books at any one time. At the moment, the selection isn't very exciting... I think my choice was only about 100 books, but hopefully things will get better as it catches on.

Now I've got 2 books to try. And a note as to when they expire. On April 8th neither book is supposed to be working on my car/home CD players. We'll see.


Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

This Overdrive thing sounds really cool. Do you have to be a member of a particular library to do it? (I'm in San Diego) Does it cost $$? Thanks,

Debra said...

Ok, Lisa, I couldn't find a way to email you... (your blog does not have your email on it...).

Yes you have to be a member of a subscribing library system... but the program is growing. After the library becomes a member, you do not have to pay anything. Click on the link I posted and it will show you all the systems currently using it, and the ones that are scheduled to do so soon.

It looks like the California library consortium is getting involved.. so bug your local library system about joining this.

It also looks like eventually you will be able to "rent" books from retailers for a fee. And, like the libraries, have the book "returned" in 21 days with no late charges.