Thursday, September 01, 2005

Attention my non-quilting readers.

I know there several of you out there!!

There are over 25,000 people heading to the AstroDome to live for atleast the next 3 months. And one of the Queens in the Quilting world lives in Houston. She has volunteered to be a distribution point for quilts for these people.

Now I know, you don't quilt. But I do!

Two posts below in the blogger-aid post I recommend donations to the animal rescue societies for this disaster. (if you are living in a stadium in another state.. where is your dog/cat living? How about all the stray dogs/cats/rabbits/gerbils, etcs. they find in the coming weeks?)

So here's the deal. If you let me know that you have donated atleast $100 to one of these charities, I will make a twin sized quilt to send to the survivors being housed in the AstroDome. I will even send you a photo of your quilt (or post it on this blog). If you live in the bay area and would like to help.. I can use it. Let me know.

Update: Ok. ANY $100 donation to any hurricane relief fund from a non-quilter gets a quilt. The first 5 are going to Houston, the rest will go to Paducah where they will be distributed to individuals when they begin to rebuild their lives.

Come on people!! Make my Pfaffie work!!

Now excuse me, I am so confident in you that I must go start sewing.

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