Saturday, September 24, 2005

Now I want to fly outta Sacto...

They are installing this neat project at the Sacremento Airport. A carpet that shows the course of the Sacremento River. You can read about the project here.

Ya know when there are art projects that make you want to go to airport (like the light show in the tunnel at O'Hare...) it says something good about public art. I LOVE creative public art installations.

Ok, my favorites are Ruth Asawa's sculpture at the Hyatt on Union Square. A case of loving the story of it's creation as much as the piece.

The colored neon light tunnel at OHare...

Free Stamp in Cleveland... well I love the story of it more than the actual piece, though my memory is a bit different. When originally ordered from Oldenburg, the stamp had no identified text on it. It was to stand outside the BP headquarters perfectly upright. But city officials and most of the public didn't like it, so it was stored. A later BP president didn't like paying for the storage.. and Oldenburg wasn't thrilled to have a piece not visible. They "virtually" set the stamp where it was originally designed for, then pretended it was knocked away. Where the model landed is where it was installed... lying on it's side... discarded. And the text was added then.

What are some of your favorite public installations? I think I'd rather see this blogged about on your blog than just mentioned as a comment here...

Come on people... inspire me.

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