Wednesday, September 14, 2005

working away... (and INXS)

So Wednesday afternoon I took some of the freshly painted fabrics I have and placed them up on the wall... looking for inspiration. They are still hanging there in rectangles about fat quarter size or larger. The sketch I thought I wanted to do isn't doing it for me. Back into the sketch book.

However, I also painted up my second experimental piece. (photo to follow). The potato resist didn't work/didn't work completely with the wet sloppy paint I like to use. So I'm reading through the Dharma catalog for a more "uumphy" resist. Maybe even gutta. First I've got to let this one cure a bit, and quilt these two projects up. Actually, the oil pastel one is ready to go.

When I'm comfortable with the bobbin play, I think I'll use that as a method to put in the sketch lines. (or maybe not... there may be odd stops and starts).

Obligatory INXS comments ... won't you all be happy when this madness ends next week?

First, although everyone is talking about this being a long term deal... the winner actually only wins: a contract for one record and one world tour. That is... in about a year they can cut the cord. (could we see another INXS next year? Rotating lead singers? Who knows...) I'm seriously considering downloading Marty's more acoustic version of Trees...

I'm over JD even though he has been performing well lately. But he STILL makes me think of an Elvis impersonator whenever I see him. Suzie just ROCKS, and I hope she finds something worthwhile on her own. Mig is talented but he's just not right for INXS. At this point, I think Marty will be the new lead singer of INXS. Ofcourse, that's probably the kiss of death for him.

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